1 Cleaning Step to Brand New Looking Blinds

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Living the busy lives that most of us live makes it easy to ignore certain cleaning tasks. After a few months (or dare I say years!) there can be one or two areas in your home that you actively avoid cleaning. These are usually cleaning tasks that take much longer or seem somehow daunting, like cleaning your blinds.

Not only do you have to get up on a stool or ladder to get to them, but they are so finicky with all those different sections. When I came across this cleaning technique for your blinds, I realized that it was worth trying and my blinds were certainly dirty enough.

Although this method calls for bleach, I prefer to use either high concentration hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. In case you didn't know there is even a new vinegar being released by Heinz that is slightly higher in acetic acid and a bit of a stronger cleaner and disinfectant.

If this 1 step method (found at the link below to the Creatively Southern website) is not up you alley and you are lucky enough to have some out door space, you can also lay your blinds out on a sunny day on the concrete driveway, stretched out fully with slats closed, then take the garden hose with the car wash brush on it. This method fast easy and the water mess is outside. The downfall to the first method, is that you end up now with a dirty bathtub, so be sure if you use this to do it when the bath tub also needs a good cleaning.

For more on how to use this 1 step method to clean your blinds or if you have recently broken some of your blinds, check out the link below to the Creatively Southern website.

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