15 Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Dirty Car

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Although everyone loves a clean space, chances are your car isn’t getting the care it deserves. Cars get used on a daily basis, which means the car gets dirty increasingly fast, but also means that the car is unlikely to be at a standstill for long enough to allow you to clean it. Luckily, Erica, the author of She Tried What lifestyle blog has an article consisting of fifteen easy cleaning hacks for getting your car glowing like new again. Several of these car cleaning tasks are ones you can do when you are on the go, whether it is wiping down the dashboard or removing grime from the cup holders. The best thing about all of Erica’s ideas is that they are easy and use household ingredients, rather than expensive cleaning products.

Whether you are a single person or are used to driving around pets or children, chances are you will be able to find some benefit in at least one of Erica’s cleaning tips. One of the most appealing ones that everyone should be able to use is Erica’s tip about cleaning the car interior with a coffee filter. A package of coffee filters can be left in the car for whenever you notice dust building up on the dashboard, which will be ideal if you have allergies or are used to driving around with someone who does. The coffee filter can lift dust easily, rather than stubbornly lingering on your car surfaces. Another option for eliminating dust in your car would be to brush it out of the air vents. Whenever the air conditioning or heat turns on, any dust that collects there will be likely to disperse through the vehicle. If you use a cheap foam brush from a home hardware store, you will be able to remove the dust.

One of the most challenging things to figure out is how to remove spots from a car carpet. It is easy enough to run a vacuum over the carpet and upholstery to lift up particles, but that won’t remove stains from the carpet. In fact, usually, when people find the need to do some carpet cleaning, they employ car cleaning services to do the job for them. Luckily, the stains can be removed on your own for very little money or effort with Erica’s guidance. Another issue that afflicts cars is that they can become overly smelly. This might happen due to several people travelling in the vehicle at once or might even occur when the weather starts to warm up after a snow melt. In those cases, you can freshen up your vehicle with natural baking soda, which is a common household product and can lift scents from whatever it is applied to. Simply dust the upholstery of your vehicle with baking soda and allow it to sit for a few hours. Once that is done, the baking soda can be lifted with a vacuum cleaner. Erica even has a tip for creating your deodorizer using baking soda. Rather than simply using this in the car, consider freshening your home with them as well.

Next time you feel your car requires a good cleaning, check out Erica’s tips and tricks. Her cleaning tips cover everything from car carpet cleaning to removing grime from hard-to-reach places. Although most of these tasks won’t need to be often done, several are preventative measures that will help keep your vehicle fresh for months. Thank you to Erica, the author of She Tried What lifestyle blog, for sharing her 15 car cleaning tips and tricks with us.

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