3 Ingredient Melt in Your Mouth Shortbread Cookies

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Don’t you just love 3-ingredient recipes! Here’s another 3 Ingredient Melt in Your Mouth Shortbread Cookies recipe that seals the deal. They come out freshly baked from the oven looking deliciously golden brown along the edges. Next time when you bake cookies, you are truly going to wonder if you will need more than three items at all. For that reason, this recipe is worth treasuring. The cookies come out soft and buttery and serve as a great snack with a cup of coffee on the side. Easy homemade cookies recipes are fantastic when you want to bake in bulk around the festive season because they’re perfect as a holiday gift. These shortbread cookies are great for icing or fondant. Also, the fact that this recipe doesn’t require eggs or most ingredients that are there in cookie recipes and that is what makes it a handy recipe for making easy cookies.

You can also build this recipe further by adding flavors or ingredients of your choice to your palate. You can add lemon or orange rind to the dough to get a citrus flavour in these cookies. You can add chocolate chips, nutmeg powder, coconut flakes, honey or a hint of almond extract for a nutty aftertaste. If you like to add browned butter instead of using just plain butter, you could do that as well. For a gingerbread like a taste, you could also add cookie butter to this recipe. Add a touch of festive flavors like pumpkin puree along with the pumpkin pie spices. There are different types of toppings you can add as a garnish like toasted almonds or cashews, even mixed fruit like kiwis, or berry jam. For special events such as kids’ birthday parties, you can add pink or rainbow sprinkles on top. You can even add a topping of marshmallows coated in chocolate to make it look creative and fun. Whatever you wish to do, these cookies will never let you down regarding the taste and texture, and you will not be able to stop gorging on them. There is so much you can do with a versatile recipe like this one. If you prefer a softer texture to these cookies, you will need to bake them for just about 10-12 minutes approximately. If you like the cookies to be a bit crunchy, then you will need to bake them a little longer than 12 minutes just until they turn dark brownish around the edges. Always place the dough at least two inches apart on the baking sheet before you transfer them to the oven. This is because the dough tends to expand a tiny bit and you wouldn't want the cookies to overlap.

An important tip for getting an optimum flavor in cookies is to use the best quality vanilla extract in any cookie recipe. If possible what's even better is to use organic pure vanilla extract. A good-quality vanilla extract, just like salt acts as a flavour enhancer and binds all the ingredients. Nielsen-Massey or Madagascar are both premium brands for pure vanilla extract with no corn syrup, sugar or other fillers and additives. You’ll see how much of a difference a pure vanilla extract can do to baked goods.

Thanks to the recipe website Genius Kitchen for sharing this 3 Ingredient Melt in Your Mouth Shortbread Cookies recipe with us. Do visit Genius Kitchen blog for more interesting recipes and food ideas. These shortbread cookies are frugal and an excellent comfort dessert that will just melt in your mouth when you need a picker-upper. Make this recipe for your family today!

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