9 smart ways to use coffee grounds all over the house

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Coffee is an absolute must for most people in the morning. The brewing, the flavour, the smell, all become parts of a ritual that's practised every day. There are amazing types of coffee that come from all around the world, including places like Chile, Peru and Africa. You can almost take a trip around the world through trying out different types of coffee and savouring the delicious flavour. You may also support fair trade coffee that supports fair wages and ethics when it comes to the employees of coffee plantations, as well as sustainability. If you enjoy coffee as much as the next person, you may also wonder if there are some things you can do with the leftover coffee grounds. It seems like a shame to throw these away in the trash, with all the hard labour that goes into growing and harvesting the coffee beans. So what are you to do? Well, good thing Good Housekeeping has come up with some awesome hacks and ideas for us to put your old coffee grounds to good use once we've had some enjoyment out of them. Here are some of the new uses and simple life hacks for coffee grounds that you can try all around the home and garden, giving you ways to recycle those old grounds.

1. Use your coffee grounds out in the garden. After you've brewed your morning coffee, take the grounds and sprinkle them in your flower beds. Coffee grounds contain nutrients like nitrogen that makes a great fertiliser for plants like camellias, azaleas, evergreens, and rose bushes. You'll see some great growth occur after you give some food to your flowers. Use coffee grounds on plants that don't mind a lot of acid in their fertiliser. For vegetable plants, you can use coffee grounds on tomato plants as well.

2. Keep pets out of your garden beds. Your cat may love to dig and scratch at the dirt, and that's all fine and well, so long as it's not in your flower or vegetable garden. Simply mix your old coffee grounds with some orange peels which will create a strong odour, then just sprinkle it all over top of the soil. After that, your cat should steer clear of the bed.

3. Clean your fire place. It may seem counterproductive to sprinkle coffee grounds in your fireplace before you clean it from all the ash and soot. You'd just be making more of a mess right? Not with this hack. The coffee grounds actually help to attract the smaller particles to keep them down so that they don't blow around when you're trying to clean.

4. Make your own soap. For this one, you're going to want to use fresh coffee grounds to make a DIY bar soap. Just pick a DIY bar soap recipe you like on the internet and follow the directions but add in some coffee grounds to make it a nice exfoliating treat. Plus it will smell amazing and help you wake up in the morning too. You can also make an easy diy scrub with just some simple coconut oil and coffee grounds by mixing one cup of ground coffee with 1/2 a cup of coconut oil. You can also add in a few drops of your favourite essential oils that compliment the scent of coffee or add in spices like cinnamon or nutmeg too.

These are just some of the great simple life hacks and creative ways to recycle coffee grounds from Good Housekeeping. Have you ever tried any of these? Try out the ones on the list that you haven't yet and see how they work for you.***

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