Cream Cheese Lemonade Pie

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The name for this dessert recipe says it all. What could be better on a hot day, than a piece of cream cheese lemonade pie? The dessert recipe combines two of your favorites into one perfect dessert idea. This easy cheesecake recipe is cool, creamy, tart and full of lemony flavor. This no bake cheesecake recipe is a refreshing, and creamy dessert the whole family is sure to love. You can taste the lemonade in this dessert recipes and the tartness with each bite. So refreshing, delicious, and amazing. For the full easy cheesecake recipe, you will want to look at the site.

For this no bake cheesecake recipe you will need simple ingredients like evaporated milk, a box of instant lemon pudding mix, two packages of cream cheese and some frozen lemonade concentrate. The dessert recipe for the cheesecake pie crust is a basic graham cracker crumb recipe that has sugar and some butter. The crust recipe has to be baked. This is an easy cheesecake recipe to make. You just want to be sure and put enough time aside to let the cheesecake set, at least four hours. It's a good idea to make this easy cheesecake recipe the day before you plan to serve it.

When it comes to lemonade, there are two distinct varieties. There is cloudy lemonade and clear lemonade. Each type of lemonade is simply called lemonade in the country in which it is dominant. The cloudy lemonade variety is found in North America and India, and this variety is a traditionally homemade drink recipe that is made with lemon juice, water, and sweeteners to include cane sugar or honey. The lemonade that is found in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, is considered to be clear lemonade and is a lemon-flavored soft drink that is carbonated. With lemons and sugarcane being native to India, the Indians first consumed a type of lemonade that is called nimbu pani, which means lemon water. The earliest written evidence of the lemonade drink has been found in Egypt and dates back to around AD 1000. It is believed that the lemon fruit was first introduced from Asia around AD 700. In Asia, a wine was made from lemons, dates, and honey and was enjoyed by the local peasants. And bottles of lemon juice with sugar was known as qatarmizat and was imported and consumed locally. In 1676, a company that was known as the Compagnie de Limonadiers was founded in Paris. They were granted the monopoly rights to sell lemonade, with vendors roaming the streets serving the popular drink in cups from tanks on their backs.

Today, you will find a popular variation of cloudy lemonade, that is called pink lemonade. The pink lemonade recipe is created by adding additional fruit juices, food coloring and flavors to the original cloudy lemonade recipe. Adding flavor, and a distinct pink coloring, possible additions to the recipe may include strawberries, raspberries, cherries, red grapefruit, cranberries, grapes, grenadine, or the fruit of the staghorn sumac. What you might not know is that drinking lemonade can have health benefits. Because lemonade has lemon juice, you get the added benefits of high concentrations of vitamin C. However, the drink's health benefits will be highly limited in many diets because of its very high sugar content. It's always a good idea to add healthier sugars such as honey or maple syrup to stay away from refined sugars. Adding lemon zest to lemonade may also help reduce the sugar content which makes the lemonade taste sweeter. You will find this no bake cheesecake recipe on the Great Grub Delicious Treats site. On the recipe site, you will find breakfast recipes, appetizers, main dish recipes, dessert recipes and so much more. **

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