Forget expensive cleaning poducts, Use a POTATO to clean your home

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When it comes to cleaning the house, there is no need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive cleaners. Many of the best green cleaning products you need are already in your house. Forget about buying expensive cleaning products, try using a potato to help clean your home. And while it might seem a bit strange to use a vegetable as a natural house cleaner, food items can work wonders at tackling rust, stains and limescale. Food items can work as natural cleaning alternatives for expensive cleaning products. You might try using Coca-Cola for getting rid of rust, or white vinegar in the laundry. Mayonnaise is a foot item that contains oils and proteins that help to diminish marks on wood. And potatoes and baking soda get rid of rust because the oxalic acid in the potato mixes with the baking soda to help dissolve it. For decades, all sorts of food items and natural house cleaners have been used as substitutes for expensive household cleaning products. You can use everything from potatoes, Brazil nuts, banana skins, white vinegar to mayonnaise.

Using potatoes as a natural house cleaner mixed with baking soda is effective at tackling rust because the oxalic acid in the potato mixes in with the baking soda to help dissolve the rust. These natural cleaning ingredients work at removing marks on wood. And mayonnaise contains oils and proteins that gently help to diminish scratches and marks on wood. You can try rubbing some mayonnaise or some olive oil into a scratch on a hardwood floor to help hide the mark. The oils and proteins in mayonnaise also react and cause the wood to swell, which helps to tighten cracks in the surface. Tomato ketchup is a natural cleaner that can help clean brass and copper because its natural acid reacts with the oxidising of the metal. Ketchup is also good for cleaning copper and silver elements. Tarnishing mostly occurs because of the sulphur compounds in the air.

When the ketchup is applied to the metal, the natural acids in the tomatoes reacts with the oxidising of the tarnished silver, copper or brass.

Some of the best natural house cleaners are ingredients you would least expect. Cleaning with natural cleaners like banana peels is just one idea that you wouldn't think of, but would be surprised at just how well it works. Banana peels work because of the texture and the oils that are inside banana peels. The texture and the oils act as mild abrasives and help to polish surfaces such as leather furniture. After you finish using a banana peel as a natural cleaner for leather furniture you can use a soft cloth or microfiber to wipe away any remaining residue. You can also use banana peels for natural cleaners on leather jackets, and running shoes.

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