Frugal Friday: 25 DIY Organization Ideas

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Here is a way to end the week. Try a Frugal Friday: 25 DIY Organization Ideas to see if your house can get better organized and under control. It isn’t a bad day to choose to check out some of these ideas, at least, not in my house. Friday seems to be the day when things are most crazy and out of control, so it is a good day for me to try and pull things back together before the weekend (and things go crazy again!). Some of the ideas are pretty fantastic and you will be so relieved (at least I am) when you get that back cupboard cleaned out so things don’t fall on your head when you open the door.

A couple of the ideas are really great, or at least I thought so. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

•Use a 3x5 card to ID the type of jeans you’ve got hanging in the closet. Put a punch hole at the top, run a bit of string through and hang the label on the hangar that holds your jeans. You will always know at a glance which ones are boot cut, regular, comfort fit and so on.

•Another great idea I saw was to use simple and inexpensive wall hooks and rods to hold wrapping paper. I have wasted so much paper over the years trying to keep it from year to year. It is frustrating to toss paper out when you know you will need again next year. At the same time, how do you keep it looking good? This method works great, you can put it up in your spare room where you do your crafty things or tuck it on a cupboard wall if you can fit it. This is a great idea.

There are plenty of other fantastic ideas that you can look at on Frugal Friday, but why not look today, too? Find out more at the website, One Good Thing By Jillie, by following the link below.

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