Homemade Rum Cake

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Certain cake recipes are meant to grace special occasions. This Homemade Rum Cake recipe is here just in time for the holiday season to add that charm during family get together and holiday celebrations. It is a classic cake recipe made from scratch using everyday key ingredients to make a soft cake with a tender crumb. Since this recipe uses butter and oil in the batter, the texture is rather dense and buttery like a homemade pound cake than a sponge cake that uses only oil for a light and airy texture. But it is the very texture of this cake that makes it perfect to absorb the rum syrup and turns the cake super moist. The creaming method wherein the mixing of butter and sugar until creamy is what makes a big difference in this recipe. It goes without saying that the rum syrup in this recipe is what makes this cake so special. The rum flavor in the syrup is not overpowering, but you can still taste it in every bite. You can also use this recipe for making birthday or anniversary cake and frost or glaze it. This cake recipe does well in the freezer so you can make it in advance and serve it with freshly made rum syrup when you have guests over.

Always remember to let the sugar completely dissolve in the butter when mixing. The best way to do this is to set your cake mixer at high speed and beat it until light and fluffy. Always remember to grease your bundt pan thoroughly touching all the corners before you pour the batter into the pan. This cake needs to be cooled before you transfer it onto the cake rack because bundt pans are usually harder than regular cake pans when it comes to getting the cake out. Since freshly baked cakes can be still hot, it makes them prone to falling apart easily. When baking cakes some simple tips like using quality ingredients such as butter that is exclusively meant for baking, organic eggs, real vanilla extract etc. influence the taste and texture in cakes. Allowing eggs and dairy ingredients to come to room temperature also helps in blending the dry ingredients for getting velvety and soft cakes. If you follow these tips then baking cakes is not complicated at all especially with if you have good cake recipes like this one.

In the place of dark rum, you can also use light rum, or spiced rum or whatever rum that is available to you. Add Bourbon whiskey or Coconut Rum to change up the flavors. If you want to skip the rum altogether, you can use rum extract, but the taste may be compromised just a bit. Always remember to add the rum sauce after the cake is baked and never in the cake batter. Never boil the rum sauce. Instead, just cook on low setting and until all the ingredients are melted. When you’re filling the cake with the rum sauce, remember to poke holes throughout the cake so you can fill it uniformly without clogging it up at just one spot. The trick is to pour it over by eyeballing each poked hole carefully.

Thank you to Michelle at the Brown Eyed Baker food blog for sharing this simple and classic Homemade Rum Cake recipe with us. Do visit Michelle’s blog for more amazing cake recipes that are good for all occasions. This cake recipe with rum sauce tastes so comforting that there will never be a crumb left! Serve a slice or two to your loved ones today!

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