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It sometimes seems like all we do is clean and clean and then start it all over again. Knowing how to clean dirty carseats can be difficult, especially with all the different kinds of fabrics used for seat covers and all the different kinds of dirt that can get tracked in to our cars.

This website offers some help on getting and keeping those darn car seats clean. It can be very frustrating. No sooner do you get that seat cleaned than Fido leaps up with his all fours covered in mud. The same is true for our darling kids who think nothing about leaping up on the seat or worse, kicking the back of the seat with the toe of their mud-encrusted sneaker.

The other problem is that commercial cleaners are expensive, seem to contain some strange smelling chemicals that you might not want your kids inhaling, and often don't really do a good job. You could take your vehicle in to a car wash that also does interiors, but the cost can be really inhibitive. So this method lets you control the substances that you use to clean your vehicle as well as keep costs under control to get the job done. Even better, you can make up a solution and just keep it in the vehicle with you to catch stains, spills and other stuff as it hits the seat cover rather than a week later when it has been really well rubbed in!

Kids and pets can really do a number on your car seats. One thing that can help is to simply keep the seat covered with a towel most of the time. The towel can just be pulled out and tossed in to the laundry. That is a much easier process than spending hours of your time wiping, washing, rinsing and vacuuming your vehicle. As if you don't have enough to do inside your house now you have to add cleaning a vehicle (or two or three) in to the household chores mix.

Before you try this cleaning method test out a bit of the product on a part of the seat where it won't be noticeable. You will need: Club Soda, Blue Dawn Dish Soap, Vinegar, Scrub Brush, Spray Bottle and a Shop Vac/Steam Cleaner It's almost sure to be okay for any surface, but be safe. The last thing you want is for the cleaner to stain your seat covers and end up with double stains and some that possibly cannot come out. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Discount Queen, by following the link below.

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