The Best Way to Clean Your Pillows

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Pillows are one of those things that we don't think about cleaning too often, yet they get a lot of build up of dust and other things I won't mention... Here is The Best Way to Clean Your Pillows from the Better Homes and Gardens website. I didn't even know that you could wash pillows, I thought that you just replaced your pillow after a certain number of years or something! Good things we have this article to tell us otherwise. Now you know that you can totally wash your pillows and dry them with no problem at all!

Sometimes just washing your pillow cases isn't enough... There is so much stuff that gets into your actual pillow. Dust mites are an icky but natural part of life, they are everywhere. So you are never really going to totally get rid of them, but they are harmless so its really no big deal, just try not to think about them too much. You must make sure that if you do wash your pillows, it is super important that you dry them thoroughly afterward. If you don't then you are just doing more harm than good. You can get mildew and mild growing in your pillow which is so bad for you to breathe in all night long.

There are also some other great tips in the post on how to keep your pillows cleaner and how to clean them even without using a washer. So this is a great article to save for future use. You will always have pillows, so you know you will more than likely need these instructions at some point or another. Head over to Better Homes and Gardens by following the link in the description below for pillow cleaning tips and more awesome house hold tips too!

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